Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was a little bit different as my mom was in the hospital from her lung surgery. We went to Christmas Eve service at church but ended up having to drive to IC after for an emergency surgery my mom had to have. AJ’s parents stayed with Lincoln until we got home late that night. For the church service I had planned on taking Lincoln to the nursery but once he saw Grandpa Manfull he wanted to just cuddle on his lap! He made it about 30 minutes until he got ancy and was kicking the chair in front of him. I think if I came prepared with snacks he would have lasted the whole time! Christmas day we had our own little family Christmas at home then went to lunch at my grandma’s then spent the rest of the day and night having Christmas with AJ’s family. We had a great day all together! We had my families Christmas after Monte and Erica got back to Iowa and after my mom got home from the hospital. Lincoln definitely got the hang of the opening gift process and had so much fun!

DSC08036 DSC08035 DSC08040  DSC08053

DSC08058 DSC08059

 DSC08077  DSC08079 DSC08078

DSC08081   DSC08086


DSC08089 DSC08092 DSC08096 DSC08094 

DSC08095     DSC08104

We have so much to be thankful for!

Monday, December 23, 2013

We’re still here…

Oh I know it's been awhile! It's been a little crazy these past few months and I just couldn't get in the mood to blog. We now have our internet fixed and a new computer so I think I am ready to get back into it!

Lincoln has changed so much and is growing up so fast. He is such a joy but can still be a little stinker..what 2 year old isn't!? 

What he is working on currently: POTTY training! We are on day 2. I knew he was ready a little while ago but with all that has been going on, just wasn't ready to start that adventure. We haven't left the house in two days to work on this. I know all our Christmas festivities might be a bump in the road. Yesterday morning he had 4 accidents on the tile floor and bathroom rugs. Since yesterday morning he hasn't had an accident and is now telling me when he has to go. He even ran to the potty to poop yesterday!! It will be so nice to be done with diapers in the day!

Here's a few pictures of our big 2 year old boy!

P.S. Also graduated to a big boy bed and LOVES it!



12-23-13 238

12-23-13 294

12-23-13 321

Saturday, October 5, 2013

His smile

This boy has a smile that melts my heart. He has the best hugs and kisses and wants to give them to me all day long. I will accept them all day long, everyday.

10-5-13 006

cute pj smile

8-15-13 012


Farm Crawl 2013

We went again this year to Hansen’s Dairy in Hudson for the Farm Crawl. Lincoln loved the goats!! The best part was getting ice cream before we left. Oh and Lincoln driving the pink tractor was pretty darn cute:)

farm crawl collage

farm crawl collage 2